Blending elements from three different cultures and continents BANANAFISH, encompasses the fluidity between the Korean hanbok, the French bigouden hat, and the Brazilian bikini all in one collection under the universe of contemporary photographer Sharna Osborne.
Bananafish, a half fish half banana, introduced as a visual element ultimately comes as a personal touch I chose to add in order to make the collection my own. Borrowed from J.D. Salinger’s A Perfect Day for Bananafish, I chose to bring this imaginary fish to life, as it is a part of a utopian continent I was creating, where, east and west coexist as one. 
Through the use of bright colours, technical structure and choice of fabrics I aim to portray my contemporary interpretation of each piece  I borrowed from another culture either on details or on statement pieces.
Digital Photography: Daryl Baclig
Analog Photography: Mandocca
Models: Nile Guiraud & Konstanze Stoiber
Clothes + Earrings: Mandocca 
Crystals: Swarovski 
Bananas: Monoprix

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