The first project for Space/Materiality, a core class for Parsons first year students, consisted on the creative exploration of paper as multifunctional medium as well as a strong and efficient structure.  
Throughout  the  initial weeks  I did several experiments using different types of paper, ranging from a simple watercolour to other sophisticated ones, provided by Procédés Chénel. 
After several explorations I was able to develop a very simple paper based system formed by stripes and rings. These small individual systems turned out to be spine cord/the most crucial part of Endolumen. Apart from small pieces of scotch tape on each ring, there is no extra material holding the loops together, it is simply paper on paper. 
The name Endolumen derives from the idea that the lamp itself resembles an endoscopy, a medical procedure through which  is  an examination of the inside of the body by using an endoscope, a lighted and flexible instrument. “Endo” comes from Greek meaning within, and “Lumen” comes from Latin, meaning light.  ​​​​​​​
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